Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

New Life Church believes in the Biblical concept of missions, both locally and internationally.
Internationally, New Life supports Lesotho Mission. Lesotho Mission is a missional church planting organization  under the Assemblies of God Group, South Africa. The organisation has been working in Lesotho since 2003.
From 2003 to 2018 Lesotho Mission focused on humanitarian work through orphanages, schools
and hospitals. As well as this, the mission aided in developing local pastors, teachers and

It was in 2019 that the shift from primarily humanitarian work to church planting took place.
With the aim and desire to leave an eternal legacy throughout Lesotho, two couples (Arno and Adele Van Der Pol and Brett and René Mason) were asked to lead the dream of planting life-giving churches that would grow and develop leaders and create sustainable churches in villages, towns and cities across Lesotho.

In 2021 they rebranded all the church plants and future plants under one banner: Legacy Church. Legacy Church aims to be a church that is Christ-centered, Bible-based and one of influence, that leaves Christ's legacy in every village, town and city throughout the beautiful kingdom of Lesotho.

Currently, there are four Legacy Church locations throughout Lesotho with two hubs,
one in Maseru and one in Semonkong.

Active Missionaries

Arno & Adele Van der Pol

Arno and Adele Van der Pol, originally from Mossel Bay, were on staff at New Life for over 10 years before they relocated to Lesotho in 2020. Arno and Adele with their children Rebecca & Reuben are currently living in the village of Semonkong. They are pastoring the Semonkong Church and overseeing the surrounding village church plants.

Lesotho Mission strongly believes that community upliftment and development should happen  through the local church, and so even though they are involved in several humanitarian outreaches, it all happens through the vehicle of Legacy Church.

Join the mission

Serve the Kingdom on our upcoming mission trip to Lesotho

Our next Lesotho Mission trip will be happening in the third quarter of 2023. For more details about Lesotho Mission click on the link below.

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